Vaccination Campaign

There have been several outbreaks of COVID-19 in direct provision centres over the past year. The Health Service Executive are now working to ensure that all adults in direct provision will have access to COVID-19 vaccines in the coming weeks.

HSE have been in touch with DPCs in the Midlands about what needs to be done to ensure uptake of the vaccine is high. At least 80% of residents need to take the vaccine to prevent further outbreaks.

Outbreaks have a significant impact on the residents – it usually means that children cannot attend school and residents cannot go to work while they are ongoing in the centre.

Vaccination is the best way to protect everyone living in DPCs from COVID-19 for the moment.

There is a lot of false information on social media about the vaccines and we are worried that this might make some people reluctant to take the vaccines when they are offered.

Here are some sources of reliable information on the vaccines, which have been translated into several languages by the HSE and Translate Ireland. The info is in 36 languages – there are also several very helpful videos, often by healthcare workers from the country in question.

Remember, No one is safe until everyone is safe!

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