Coping with Covid-19

As we all know there are serious measures being taken nationally to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
Direct provision sites are a particular concern as they pose a very serious problem in implementing self-isolation of suspect cases. If the virus gets into a site then it’s hard to see a method of preventing it spreading like wildfire.
To reduce the danger New Horizon need to:
  • Reduce physical contact with residents to an absolute minimum to  reduce the risk of contagion
  • Maintain a trusted communications channel to counter the feeling of isolation and  the spread of wild rumours.
We have to take the following actions:
  • All volunteers are strongly advised to take precautions given on the Health Service Executive Coronavirus page
  • Suspend Parent and Toddler, Children’s book club, Kingfisher Arts Club, English language classes, Computer classes, Arabic Language and Culture classes, and Drop-in centres. This suspension will be reviewed on 29th March.
We are working on creating an online drop-in clinic where residents can get the latest information. This, obviously, will not be delivering medical advice, just links to sites containing reliable information.
It can be accessed either online or via audio calls.
Links will be circulated when it is ready.
Please let me know if anyone is aware of particular difficulties
Best regards
Gerry Callaghan

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