Limerick integration project gets funding

A project to integrate refugees and asylum-seekers into local communities has won €9,000 in European Union funding.

Called ReStart, it is run by the Enactus group at the University of Limerick and helps people who have been through Direct Provision settle in new environments through activities.

Enactus is a national organisation to develop leadership and community awareness in students.

The ReStart initiative received the grant from the European Students Union, through the Together, Moving Forward programmes supported by the Open Society Foundations. The funding will allow Enactus UL to provide access to education for International Protection Applicants living in direct provision, as well as more everyday pursuits such as food from around the world.

The ReStart Cooking programme offers traditional dishes from International Protection Applicant home countries, cooked and sold at a stall in the weekly Tuesday market at University of Limerick. (See also our New Horizon Cookbook page!) ReStart Gardening enables International Protection Applicants to learn agricultural skills and get to know their local community.

Read the full story on the I Love Limerick website.

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