Digital skills training for residents

We have had a very interesting proposal from a new volunteer and some of her contacts in social media business. 
Would you be interested in doing this during the summer? It would be a very high quality and useful programme and would give very interesting and marketable skills (I hate to use management speak but don’t have much alternative!) 

It’s ideal for young people wishing to improve their existing social media skills.  

Digital skills training for residents of the Direct Provision Centres.

Programme to be determined based on phone calls with a small sample of residents.
Skills training to be provided  by Zoom in  Social Media. Content Creation. Story Telling. Video Editing. 
Training will be provided by local social media practitioners, videographers, and other creative talent.


  • Know how to use Instagram or TikTok or Facebook for personal use
  • Smartphone or ability to record video and take pictures
  • Available to commit to 8-10 week programme over summer 2021

If you are interested, and you would like to share your ideas on a phone call or zoom, please book in a time here:

Drop me an email at and I’ll get things going. 

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