Restrictions on Asylum Seekers

There are some obligations that asylum seekers must comply with:
• You must not leave or attempt to leave the State without the consent of the Minister for Justice while your application is under consideration.
•Since 2 July 2018, asylum seekers can apply for Right To Work.
• You are required to reside or remain at the accommodation centre allocated to you by the Reception and Integration Agency (RIA)
• You can only move from this accommodation with the permission of the RIA and only in circumstances where the RIA is in a position to offer you alternative accommodation.

You may be required to report at specified intervals to an Immigration Officer, to a person authorised by the Minister or to a member of the Garda Siochana (Irish Police).
• You must be truthful at all times in the information you provide in connection with your application. If you are not, it may lead to a finding that your application is manifestly unfounded. In such circumstances, you would have a shorter period within which to appeal and any appeal you might make would be dealt with without an oral hearing.
• You must co-operate fully with the investigation of your application. Failure to do so could affect the credibility of your application or result in your application being deemed withdrawn.
• You should make all information relevant to your application available to the Refugee Applications Commissioner. If you do not do so and seek to bring forward additional information at appeal stage, you will be required to explain why this information was not made available to the Refugee Applications Commissioner. The Refugee Appeals Tribunal will be required to take this into account in assessing the credibility of your application