Right To Work

You are eligible to apply for the right to work if:

  1. You are an international protection applicant; and
  2. You have been waiting at least 8 months for your first instance recommendation; and
  3. You are cooperating with the international protection process – delays in receiving a recommendation must not be due to any actions taken by you.

You can apply if you have not received a permission after 8 months. Your permission will become valid after 9 months.

If you meet the eligibility criteria the permission will allow you to access employment and self-employment. Permission to work is valid for 6 months. You can renew the permission if you have not received a final decision on your international protection application within the 6 months. (A final decision means when you have completed all appeals procedures, including any judicial review proceedings.)

If you hold a temporary self-employment permission, you should check with INIS if you wish to renew this permission.

For more information and application forms see  Permission to access the labour market