Online Learning Program

Dear Friends,

At the start of the online learning project in September we found that there were two issues preventing people from starting them:

  • People were reluctant to commit to a major learning task without a guarantee that the learning would be certified.
  • People, particularly women with young children, were unable to get away for a full or half-day to walk down to AIT to get computer access.

After a lot of work we think we have resolved both issues:

  • We have secured funding from the St. Stephen’s Green Trust for certification of the online learning courses. This will mean that we can:
    • Purchase certified MOOC courses for participants.
    • Pay course fees for adults who wish to do junior certificate examinations in English, Mathematics and Information Technology
    • Hold information seminars, workshops and motivational events as necessary.
  • We have a commitment from RIA to set up a computer lab with internet access in the education room. Hopefully this will be done before 31st  December
  • Existing and retired lecturers in AIT have volunteered to act as advisers to online learning students.

We now want to relaunch the program. All the administration and setup will be done in the next two weeks. We plan to start running English, Mathematics and Information Technology programs in early January 2018. A further letter with course details, start dates, locations and advisor contact information will be issued in early January.

This program is unique in Ireland and we would strongly encourage people to get involved in it.

Season’s greetings from Theresa, Gerry and all at New Horizon

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