Tree of Hope

Hope Art and Writing Exhibition:

Official opening Thursday June 23rd at 6pm in the Aiden Heavey Library, Athlone. 

This exhibition came about as a response to the word hope, Amal (الأمل) in Arabic. 

It was produced by a group of Syrian English Language learners in Kilbeggan Co. Westmeath with help from their Education and Training Board (ETB) tutor.

They said:

From March 2020, COVID and lockdowns hit us all hard. Schools and further education centres closed or went online – including our English classes in Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath, where a group of learners from Syria had been attending each week. 

In spring 2021, we started a craft project entitled “Tree of Hope“. Initially, it was run as a remote learning project – responding to spring as a time of hope and new beginnings. 

When we were finally back face-to-face we were able to discuss and expand the work. 

It grew into a more general art project, with the added wisdom of Syrian sayings – written out beautifully in Arabic and translated into English for everyone to enjoy and take meaning from. 

All paintings, writing and calligraphy on display are done by the learners. 

The frames for the paintings were made by one of the students who is from Saqba near Damascus, a town known for its master craftworkers and skilled carpenters. 

Everyone welcome.  Just a small sample of the artwork that will be on display.