Refugee Voices

Some stories, in sound files:

  • ‘You get crazy, one small room, you’re like a prisoner’ .  A four-part investigation by  Athlone Community Radio, of the plight of asylum seekers
    • Trauma, Tears and Hope part 1
    • Trauma, Tears and Hope part 2
    • Trauma, Tears and Hope part 3
    • Trauma, Tears and Hope part 4
  • An Athlone Community Radio documentary made by asylum seekers about asylum seekers.
  • Beatriz, one of the first residents on the Athlone direct provision site tells her story from Angola.
  • The Outsiders – Our Teenage Life behind Bars. Natasha and Minahil have spent much of their childhoods growing up in the Irish direct provision system for asylum seekers. They live in mobile homes in an accommodation centre beside an industrial estate on the edge of Athlone town, located in the middle of Ireland. RTE Radio Doc-on-One production.
  • Afrish – Athlone African Choir

    The Athlone Afrish Choir