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Refugee Online Learning (ROLE) Restarts on Thursday!

Refugee online learning (ROLE) restarts on Thursday 20th September at 11:00 in Athlone Institute of Technology

Everyone welcome! We have a lot of planning to do.

  • ROLE 1 people (who started in January) – Identify MOOCS for the new academic year
  • ROLE 2 people (started May) – Check completion of baseline MOOCs and identify suitable short MOOCs
  • ROLE 3 people have just started. Get things going on baseline studies

Hope to see everyone there! Coffee and cakes and conversations provided free of charge!


Information Session on Labour Market Access

There is still a lot of uncertainty about the right to work for asylum Seekers.  If you are interested please attend this session.

Sarah McGeough, the DAF Employment Mediator of Westmeath Community Development will hold an information session on

Date: 30th August

Time: 12:15

Location: Community room, Asylum Seeker Unit, Lissywollen, Athlone

The very brief guide:

To qualify for the right to work you must meet all of these conditions:

  1. Be an international protection applicant; and
  2. Have not received a first instance recommendation on their protection application; and
  3. Has been waiting at least 8 months for their first instance recommendation; and
  4. Has been cooperating with the international protection process – delays in receiving a recommendation must not be due to any actions taken by the applicant.

This is the link to the information booklet for labour market access for international protection applicants –





Refugee Online Learning – Restart Meeting

Wow, that was some summer, I hope you all have had a good time.

However, now it’s raining and showing signs of autumn so it’s time to get the Refugee Online Education program up and running again.

ROLE 2018-2019 Planning meeting

Monday 20th August – Education Room – Athlone Accommodation Unit – 11:00 to 12:30


  • Introduction to ROLE
  • Information for new students
  • Information for existing students
  • Schedule – Dates, times, locations
  • Any other business

All welcome, please pass this on to anyone interested in further education.