Regari – Recovery College

REGARI recovery college are coming back to AIT this Winter.

For anyone who is not familiar with REGARI  they are a Recovery College which was established in Summer 2015. They are based in Roscommon town but offer recovery education across various sites in Roscommon and East Galway. They have offered sessions here in AIT over the last couple of years.

Students, staff, professionals or members of the community pay €5 registration fee and can attend as many sessions as they wish for that cost.

You can attend the sessions in Athlone IT, Roscommon Library or Ballinasloe Family Centre. A typical evening usually involves a 3 hour class on mental health/wellbeing topics. The sessions are co-produced and co-delivered by people with lived experience and mental health professionals.

The sessions in AIT this semester include:

  • Exploring sexuality
  • Eating Disorders
  • Discovering my spark
  • Overcoming fears and setbacks
  • Diagnosis, labels and mental health
  • Suicide in society
  • Psychology of wellbeing

All sessions are held in room D03 from 6-9pm during Sept/Oct/Nov – Registration will also be available on the night of the sessions.

Further info on the sessions can be found in the attachments

Lisa Hanlon (

Healthy Campus Coordinator

Room D11, Athlone Institute of Technology, N37 HD68

‘ +353 (0)90 6468122  

Self Help:

Brochure AW19 PDF


National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO) Course

National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO) are offering two free places on their Safety, Health and Welfare course.

This course will run in AIT for 13 weeks from September 23.

The course runs on a Monday night 7-9 in AIT between now and Christmas.

Interviews planned for  Friday 13th September in a the LLL room E3202. Please have the application form filled out in advance.

Contact Dr Sean Reidy at

More information on:

2019_NISO_Cert_Bro_AIT_Autumn_A4 (002)

Doll Course Application Form 2019



Self Web Hosting with Ubuntu 16.

New Horizon would like to offer a new training course to residents in Temple DP site. This is a remarkable opportunity to get training in very important technologies.

Instructor: Irfan Rizvi

20 hours duration.

Starting Week ending 23rd August

Watch the notice boards for more information on dates and times


Introduction to the course:

  • What are you going to learn?
    • Self Hosting of wordpress on a VPS
    • Different Plans offered by web hosting providers
  • How it can benefit you?
    • Tell your story to world
    • Marketing
    • Advertisement

Introduction to Technologies:

  • Linux VS. Windows
    • Different Linux available: Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS etc.
  • What is IP address?
  • What is Domain name?
  • What is WordPress?
  • SSH
  • Putty
  • WinSCP
  • Webserver Apache Nginx
  • Database – MySQL
    • Tables
    • Rows
    • Columns
    • phpMyAdmin
  • PHP

Introduction to Ubuntu 16.04

  • How to connect to the servers using putty.
  • Introduction to Ubuntu CLI.
  • Navigating between different directories using basic commands
    • Mkdir
    • Cd command
    • Ls and ll command
    • Chown and permissions
    • Ctrl + z and fg
  • Introduction to nano
  • Creating a new user
  • Securing Ubuntu
    • Why is it important?
    • What can be done to secure ?
    • Disable root login and use public key authentication.
    • What are ports of a computer?
    • What is UFW?
  • Installing Apache and configuring it
  • Installing MySQL and configuring it
  • Installing PHP and configuring it
  • Installing WordPress
  • Configuring WordPress
  • WordPress Training
    • Writing your first post
    • Making a page
    • Making a menu
    • Installing a plugin
    • Installing a theme
  • Making a sitemap
    • Why is it important
  • Putting it altogether on a live server and making a website live
    • Buying a domain name
    • Buying services from a web hosting provider
    • Directing Domain to your server
  • Introduction to vhosts for multiple website hosting

What does it mean to be a refugee?


About 60 million people around the globe have been forced to leave their homes to escape war, violence and persecution. The majority have become Internally Displaced Persons, meaning they fled their homes but are still in their own countries. Others, referred to as refugees, sought shelter outside their own country. But what does that term really mean?

Benedetta Berti and Evelien Borgman explain in a TED-ED lesson.

Charity Status Approval


I’m very pleased to announce that New Horizon has been registered as a charity with the Charities Regulator. See here for more details.

All charities operating in the Republic of Ireland must be fully registered on the Register of Charities. It is an offence for an unregistered charitable organisation to carry on activities in the State.

This is a very considerable step forward for the organisation. It establishes and documents a management structure, and records our child protection and data protection policies.

This makes it much easier to succeed in funding applications in future. Funders can be assured of the NH’s stability and that funded tasks will be performed to a high standard.

I’d like to thank everyone involved with the application and everyone who has worked so hard for New Horizon over the years. Special thanks to Chris McDermott and Teresa O’Hara who worked so tirelessly on getting the application prepared and approved.

Best regards



The Ombudsman for Children’s Office (OCO) is conducting a consultation in Direct Provision.
As part of our work on promoting the rights of children, we hold consultations to listen to different groups of young people in Ireland.
This summer we want to hear from children in Direct Provision aged 13-17 about their rights and how they feel included in Irish society.

There are 9 centres around Ireland taking part in this consultation and there will be a residential in October where 25 young people will be chosen to help with a creative element to the consultation. 

We are holding a consultation in Athlone in July. There will be an information session for 13-17 year olds and their parents on Tuesday 23rd July at 3.30-4.30pm in the Centres’ Community Hall.

The following day, Wednesday 24th July, we will hold the consultation focus groups between 11am – 3.30pm which is just open to the 13-17 year olds.  

If you are a young person living in Direct Provision this is an opportunity to have your say on a wide range of issues. Everyone welcome!

Walking and Remembering

I’m back after the great 6-day famine walk from Strokestown in Roscommon along the Royal canal to the quays in Dublin. This is to commemorate the 1490 people (over 1000 children among them) who walked this way to the emigrant ships after being evicted in May 1847. All along the way I thought about how close this story is to that of my refugee friends.

On Friday night about twenty of us went to the ‘Canadian Wake’ the farewell party in Strokestown. People were nervous at first. Then, as the stories were told of the 1490, they started to see themselves and their story.

In the morning the bailiff banged his stick on the door and ordered us out of the house. Only one man put up a fight, the rest of us shambled out, defeated, to put our pitiful few bags on the cart and to start off, who knows where. One thing is certain, we won’t see our homes again.

My feet hurt and I’ve massive blisters on both feet. It’s hard to keep walking. And I’ve good shoes and I’m not carrying a child or baby. I’m not weakened by two years of food shortage.

Here and there there are little memorial stones along the way. If you go to a website on your mobile phone it tells you a story about this place. The stories are told through the voice of Daniel Tighe, a twelve-year-old boy who walked this road with his mother, sisters and uncle in 1847.

Some volunteers and residents came to Mullingar to walk a little of the road with us. The New Horizon people were welcomed with cheers when they arrived. The piper came out at Piper’s boreen and played some tunes of farewell for us. The last sounds of home died out as we trudged on the neverending path.

On the way I thought about how many of the 1490 walkers would qualify for refugee protection today. “Being outside their country of origin and unable to return due to well-founded fear of persecution” Answer: Almost none, these were the despised “economic migrants” of today.

The Strokestown archieve is terrifying. There you can see the letters containing the calculations of death and exile. How many tenents and sub-tenants, how much money would be made by having cattle and sheep on the land instead. How many tenants are to be displaced, how much it would cost to keep them in Roscommon workhouse. Steerage fares to New York were six pounds, steerage fares to Quebec were three pounds and ten shillings. And today banks and moneylenders and political leaders make the same calculations and produce the same misery.

On the way I thought about how many of the 1490 walkers would qualify for refugee protection today. “Being outside their country of origin and unable to return due to well-founded fear of persecution” Answer: Almost none, these were the despised “economic migrants” of today. It’s easier to get protection if you are fleeing the KGB or the Gestapo, almost impossible if it’s just hunger and fever.

We walked into the docklands of Dublin through the canyons of office blocks and financial institutions. The rich, well-dressed population looked up from their phones for a moment and then rapidly looked away. There were no journalists out to record the arrival of the 1490 Strokestown people either.

We walked through the famine statues on the quay and suddenly were surrounded by ghosts.

As little Daniel said

“Suddenly we are on the North Strand Road and walk down to the city quays where the ships await us. Even though we are all so tired and our clothes our dirty, we walk with our heads up high, even little Martin who keeps a strong hold of my hand, as we pass the Royal Canal Docks where cargo is being winched off and onto ships that are all about us. Before us is the wide blue green River Liffey.

The streets and dockside are crowded, and the people of Dublin stare, curious to see such a huge crowd but some call and shout at us. ‘Go back to your own place for you are not wanted here!’

At the reception Declan O Rourke presents the anthem of the famine way, ending with the words, Remember, Remember, Remember.


National Famine Walk

The Irish Heritage Trust and Strokestown Park house are launching the National Famine Way walking trail with a six-day 165 km walk from Strokestown to Dublin from May 25th to May 30th 2019. The route follows the Royal canal from the Shannon river to Dublin.

This is to remember the 1490 people who walked from Strokestown to embark on emigrant ships in Dublin in May 1847. A large number of these people died either on the ships from Liverpool or on arrival in the fever sheds at Grosse Isle in Qubec.

They have kindly invited Direct Provision residents and New Horizon volunteers to participate in some or all of this walk. People can:

  • Attend the Canadian Wake in Stokestown on 24th May
  • Walk one, or more, days on the route
  • Walk all the way
  • Attend the arrival ceremony and launch of the trail at the Emigration Museum in Dublin on May 30th

This is very closely related to the terrible experiences of many of our friends on their journey to Ireland. It’s an opportunity to tell our refugee story and relate it in a deep, deep way to Irish history.

More information on:

The programme is as follows:

Friday May 24th: National Famine Way Launch – Strokestown Park House

Day 1: May 25th Strokestown – Clondra    10am – 5.00pm  (22km)

Day 2: May 26th Clondra – Abbeyshrule  9:30am – 5.00pm  (30km)

Day 3: May 27th Abbeyshrule-Mullingar   9:30am- 5.00pm  (27km)

Day 4: May 28th Mullingar –Longwood    9:30am – 5.00pm  (30km)

Day 5: May 29th Longwood – Maynooth   9:30am – 5.00pm  (27km)

Day 6: May 30th Maynooth – Dublin         9:30am – 5.00pm (27km)

On May 30th (5.30pm-7.30pm) and May 31st (10.00am – 5.00pm) the Inaugural National Famine Way Famine Quarter Custom House Quay Festival takes place at EPIC Irish Emigration Museum, CHQ Building. Custom House Quay.

Suggestions for New Horizon participation.

Friday 24th May. 
The Canadian wake.

This is the send-off party for the walk. There are exhibitions, tour of Strokestown house and the Famine museum, lectures, music from both Ireland and Canada, even a poitin still! (  if you don’t know what that is!) .

I’d suggest that we make our way to Stokestown in late afternoon and head for home about 10:00 pm.
If people are doing Ramadan then we can have an iftar picnic in the park grounds at 9:30.
There is no walking involved on Friday so it would be suitable for everyone.
Depending on the numbers we can either travel in volunteer’s cars or hire one or two minibuses.
Event costs €5.00 with a special concession price of €0.00 for New Horizon  DP residents.
If you would like to go to the Canadian wake sign up here.
Tuesday  28th May.
Mullingar Walk
The walkers will have reached Mullingar at this stage. The walk will be through the town and as far as you like along the canal towards Dublin. We will be joined by local people, school groups and musicians on this stage.
Start at 9:30 am. I’d suggest that New Horizon walkers would do about 5km on this day. It’s suitable for children over the age of 8  but it’s probally best not to bring really small children on this stage.
Wear comfortable shoes and bring a raincoat!
Again we can either travel in volunteer’s cars or hire one or two minibuses.
If you would like to go to the Mullingar walk sign up here.
Other Days
If anyone wants to join us on any of the other days for a short walk they are very welcome just to show up. No charge.
See the programme above for start and finish points for each day.
If you want to walk the full route or a full day and get the certificate, baggage transfer and goody bag sign up on
Please note that the registration fee does not include accommodation or meals.
This will be an extraordinary event where we can tell our story and relate it to a very difficult time in Ireland’s past.
I hope that you will be able to attend.