The Big Hello!

On the May Bank Holiday weekend communities are holding Big Hello! events.

The Big Hello! is going to be a weekend of community celebration. The aim of the weekend is to encourage people to get to know their neighbours, by hosting or attending a Big Hello! event in their local area.

New Horizon, with support from the Department of Rural and Community Development,  would like to invite residents of the two Direct Provision sites, their neighbours, teachers and school friends to:

Evening Breakfast

We intend to hold two evening breakfasts in the direct provision accommodation centres on the weekend of the May Bank Holiday.

The events will take place in each of the direct provision accommodation centres in Westmeath, Lissywollen and Temple Spa Horseleap. 

The timing of the events may coincide with the beginning of Ramadan on 6th May.  For Muslims, the evening breakfasts will be the conclusion of the first day of Ramadan fasting.  For other it will be a supper gathering.  For all it will be chance to meet and mingle with their neighbours in the accommodation centres.

We hope that these events will encourage people to “come out of their houses”, to break barriers and encourage integration. In all accommodation centres there are people who do not mix well and can be isolated because of cultural issues or language barriers.  Our evening breakfasts will break through these barriers – everybody likes free food.

Both of the gatherings will feature:

  • Food from different cultures.
  • Arabic disco,
  • Tea sampling,
  • Henna hands
  • African hairstyles exhibition
  • Irish Language and Music

Watch this space for more information!


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