Karate Classes In Temple!


Karate Classes in Temple DP site

Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings .

All welcome!

Karate is an ancient form of martial arts originally from Okinawa, Japan. The word “Karate” literally means “empty hand”. This is because it was founded from the concept of defense without weapons. Karate is set apart from other forms and practices for its variety of physical and mental health and wellness benefits. Most importantly; its profound emphasis on hard work, discipline, courtesy, and dedication, mental, physical and spiritual balance is unparalleled.

Those who practice it benefit much in terms of mental wellness and mindfulness. Some can benefit from it for weight control, and overall physical fitness. Karate is founded on strong principles such as discipline, patience, integrity, and respect, which makes it excellent for self-defence. Furthermore, I believe that anyone can benefit greatly from the practice of karate.

The Temple Accommodation Centre karate schools is free of charge and open to everyone regardless of age, gender, background, or religion. The aim is to fight against crime and substance abuse, and playing a part towards the development of the community.

Karate is also a very useful tool in the empowerment of vulnerable groups such as women, children and those with disabilities through self-defence classes. Overcoming personal obstacles, doing better in all spheres of life, and having a complete overall state of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being is more than anyone can ever ask for, and worth more than money can buy.

Your volunteer tutor is:

MC Makapela

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