Getting Started again

After a very long three months DP sites are beginning to reopen and New Horizon is getting ready to resume activities.

We held a meeting on Thursday and tried to get things going again. About five of the existing frontline volunteers felt that they would be unable to continue, either for their own, or family, health reasons. This is perfectly understandable and I’m deeply indebted to them for working so long and hard in difficult conditions. 

So it looks as though we will only have the ability to do the following

  • Drop in clinic in Lissywollen and Temple (Outside if possible) 
  • Mother and childrens group in Lissywollen (Outside in the playground) 
  • Support group setup in Banagher emergency DP site (We somehow acquired this in the midst of the chaos!) 
  • Social events, once a month a trip or a picnic. People are feeling very depressed and isolated, this should help. 

We won’t even attempt to restart English language classes until the situation about reopening schools becomes clear in September. We have to recruit a number of new volunteers, do induction and Garda vetting etc. So that gives us barely enough time.  

In the meantime we are planning on a series of outdoor events to help get things back to something approaching normal.

Watch this space for details!

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