Extension of Immigration Permissions

26 March 2021

The Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee, T.D., has today announced a further temporary extension of immigration and international protection permissions to 20 September 2021. This applies to permissions that are due to expire between 21 April 2021 and 20 September 2021 and includes permissions that have already been extended by the previous 6 temporary extensions.

Announcing the measure, Minister McEntee said:

“As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, I want to reassure people whose immigration permissions are due to expire shortly that your legal status in the country will continue to be maintained. To do this, I am introducing a further automatic extension to 20 September 2021 for anyone already holding a valid permission.

“This extension will benefit those who cannot get an appointment to register or renew an existing permission. However, I encourage anyone who can renew, particularly Dublin-based customers who can use the online system, to do so and not to wait until September.

“It is intended this will be the final temporary extension of immigration permission, however we will continue to keep the situation under review as part of our national response to the pandemic.”

All immigration permissions due to expire between 21st of January 2021 and 20th of April 2021 have been extended. This applies so long as you have not yet received a final decision on your international protection claim. This also applies to all persons who hold a current valid permission, or a permission that has already been extended under the previous notice(s) that were issued. 

The extension relates to work permits for asylum seekers as well as to general immigration residency permissions. 



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