Bring some Christmas magic to Direct Provision

Every year,  with help from the Athlone Institute of Technology Students’ Union and AIT International Students, we organise a Children’s Christmas Party with gifts and a visit from Santa. We also donate a hamper to each of the families living at the centres.

The Christmas party, presents and hampers was previously funded through an annual book sale held on the campus of AIT. However Covid-19 restrictions means that this year we are sadly unable to have the book sale or to host the party.

Our elves are busy arranging for Santa to deliver presents to the children and hampers to their parents to provide some much-needed Christmas cheer. The elves are pleased to report that Santa has 100 children in the Athlone DP site and 20 children in Temple DP on his “Nice” list! 

2020 has been an exceptionally difficult year for parents and children living in Direct Provision centres. We are inviting small ( or large if you are feeling generous!)  donations from anyone who may wish to help.

Donations on our gofundme page Bring some Christmas Magic to Direct Provision

This “go-fund-me” campaign will run for one month, from 15 November to 15 December, 2020. 

Thank you for your generosity.

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