New Horizon meeting

Hello all,

Hope you’re enjoying the recent change in the weather and the extra hour in the evening.

It is planned to have the next New Horizon meeting on the Tuesday the 3rd of April in the Education Room at 6pm.

Hope this time and date will suit everyone and that this email finds you well.

Kindest Regards and Thanks,

Francis and Muhammad.

Why are migrants abused?

“The primary cause for the massive abuse suffered by migrants in all regions of the world, including torture, rape, enslavement, trafficking and murder, is neither migration itself, nor organised crime, or the corruption of individual officials, but the growing tendency of states to base their official migration policies and practices on deterrence, criminalisation and discrimination, rather than protection, human rights and non-discrimination,” Melzer said.

Nils Melzer UN’s special rapporteur on torture


Being famous!

Two of our young friends  Natasha and Minahil spent most of their young life in the Lissywollen DP site.

Watch their story on the UNICEF youth website.

MY STORY – An introduction to Hannan, Natasha and Minahil, three young people who moved to Ireland as children.  This lesson explores the characteristics of personal identity such as gender, race, ethnic group, social class, region of origin, religion. It provides students with an opportunity to explore some of the ways labels are used identify each other and to consider the ways that those labels affect how others think about us, how we behave, and how we think about ourselves.


St. Patrick’s Day!

Shannon Academy have kindly invited us to take part in the St. Patrick’s day parade on Saturday 17th.

Athlone St . Patrick’s Day Parade starts at 2:30 pm from Shamrock Lodge hotel

Music, Entertainment and Buskers throughout the Parade

Children’s Magic Show – Civic Square at 3:15 pm-4:15 pm

Bouncing Castle – Civic Square at 2.00 pm-4.00 pm

All Children’s Entertainment FREE of CHARGE.

See you there!

Be careful out there!

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We don’t often get snow in Ireland and when we do it’s usually just a dusting.

This snowstorm is a big one and it’s due to get worse tonight! The status red warning is that you should be at home by 4pm today and stay there until the warning is lifted. This is expected to be tomorrow afternoon.

Be careful, don’t go out unless it’s absolutely necessary. Please keep an eye on vulnerable neighbours and make sure that they are safe.

The Westmeath Independent has reports on what events are cancelled over the next few days.